Commercial Cleaning Services

Moquette Cleaning

Commercial spaces and office buildings are more likely to have all moquette floors that are constantly exposed to dust and dirt coming from the hundreds of people using the facilities on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it’s hard to notice that over time this moquette would get run down, losing its original color and texture. These Moquette Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Elegance Care’s furniture cleaning service is exactly what your office space needs to maintain a clean and hygienic space for employees, not to mention keeping the space looking lively and new! No need to move anything, our team will come to your with specialized vacuum & foam generating machinery. Furniture cleaning include heavy duty vacuuming Furniture Cleaning

Facade Cleaning

Clean façades make a huge impact on the appearance of your commercial space, and cleaning these façades without professional help can be risky and will probably leave you unsatisfied with the results. Elegance Care provides the expert services you need to have spotless, shiny windows and façades all year round. Our team is well equipped Facade Cleaning

Restaurants & Café Packages

Elegance Care caters a wide variety of customized commercial cleaning packages constituting both frequent deep cleaning services as well as daily light cleaning services to a multitude of restaurants and cafes across Egypt. Focus only on providing your customers with best possible experience and leave your commercial space’s cleanliness to us. Elegance Care will ensure Restaurants & Café Packages

Construction Cleaning

Whether you’ve just received your new unit or maybe it has recently undergone refurbishment, construction cleaning is your go to service to make sure your commercial space is free from any unwanted residues. Our specialized material sensitive chemicals will ensure safe removal of construction remnants without leaving any damage. In addition to the heavy duty Construction Cleaning

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Heavy duty cleaning of commercial space every now and then is essential to preserve it. Our specialized team is fully equipped to make your space shine like never before. Elegance Care’s deep cleaning service includes: