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Elegance Care Marble Care

Your marble surfaces are one of the most precious and elegant assets that beautifully decorate either your residential or commercial space. Each stone is uniquely magnificent in its own way. Elegance Care now offers you its very own marble care service where we don’t just clean your marble, we completely transform it thus making it look brand new.

Elegance Care has everything needed to bring back your marble’s shine. We understand the type of stone, its lifespan, level of reflectivity and amount of natural crystals. We can also figure out the hardness and absorbency of the stone in order to develop appropriate plans to effectively maintain and restore it.

From loss of shine to stains and cracks, Elegance Care can handle it all. We will professionally clean off the dirt and grime, get rid of the mineral salt residue, manually remove the stains then finally polish it back to perfection.