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Elegance Care's Services - Light Cleaning

Elegance Care Light cleaningCleaning is one of those chores that never end. It's an ongoing process that must always be meticulous and thorough, which is not always applicable when you are doing it yourself or with the help of your regular hired help. Elegance Care can unburden you from these responsibilities with the array of home and office light cleaning services we provide. Give your home or office the cleaning that you desire and the comfort that you and the people around you deserve.
Elegance Care light cleaning services include:

1. Dusting

Dust is the daily unwelcomed guest everybody wants to get rid of. The Elegance Care cleaning team makes sure all surfaces, furniture and walls in your home or office are dust-free all the time, giving you the daily shine and comfort you are looking for.

2. Mopping

A dust-free home or office must go hand in hand with clean and shining floors. Among the chores handled by the Elegance Care light cleaning team is the mopping and cleaning of your floors using modern and effective equipment and cleaning materials.

3. Tiding up

A home or office can easily be cluttered, especially with everyday use with visitors or inhabitants of the vicinity. Keeping everything in the right place is not an easy task, but the Elegance Care light cleaning team specializes in keeping your home or office tidy and organized they way you like. This includes bed-making, kitchen organizing, office tidying and much more.

4. Restrooms and kitchens

Elegance Care light cleaning services include the regular cleaning and tidying of your home and office restrooms and kitchen. Through this service, you can keep your bathrooms and kitchen spotless, tidy and always ready for use. This service includes basic cleaning floors, wash basins, bathtubs and toilets, as well as replacement of towels, soap and paper towels.

N.B. The light cleaning service is not a standalone service, it is only provided as part of an integrated package deal.