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Elegance Care's Services - Dry Cleaning

With more than 3 decades of experience in the dry cleaning business, Elegance Care has maintained a reputation of trust and dependability among its ever growing client-base. Elegance Care provides the dry cleaning services that you can rely on, no matter how delicate the fabric material is, or how stubborn a stain might be.

Elegance Care Clothes Cleaning

1. Clothes

From cotton shirts to chiffon skirts, from silk ties to linen trousers, bring your dry cleaning needs to Elegance Care and rest assured that your clothes will be well taken care of. No stain is too tough for our state-of-the-art dry cleaning facilities and our experienced team. Elegance Care also provides repair and care services for clothing, including sowing, patching and minor alterations.

2. Curtains and Beddings

Elegance Care Beddings CleaningCurtains tend to collect a lot of dust and dirt that can prove to be difficult to clean and can leave the room looking darker and gloomier than usual. But no worries; Elegance Care will take excellent care of them for you! Our specialized staff will come to your door and professionally remove your curtains to take them back to our branch to be properly cleaned. Once they are done, the team will bring your clean curtains back to you and reinstall them, leaving them looking as good as new. Beddings can also hide germs and dust when left unattended to for too long, but our professional bedding cleaning services will ensure you get a good night's sleep every night!

Elegance Care Boot Cleaning

3. Boots and sports shoes

Don't you sometimes wish you could throw your boots into the washing machine? Well, instead of doing that, bring them to Elegance Care and we will deep clean your boots and sports shoes for you, all with the most advanced methods that guarantee your footwear is as clean and as good as new.

Elegance Care Leather Cleaning

4. Leather and chamois

Leather and chamois are rich, luxurious materials that must be treated delicately when cleaning and preserving. At Elegance Care, we have mastered the art of cleaning your special leather and chamois items and returning them to their original splendor. Trust us with your valuables.

Elegance Care Wedding Dress Cleaning

5. Wedding gowns

Whether you want your wedding dress to be faultlessly ready for your big day, or wish to preserve it in its original, immaculate form for your future daughter, Elegance Care will get the job done the way you expect. Our professional team knows how to handle the delicacy of such a work of art, and ensures only the best care to it.

Elegance Care Toy Cleaning

6. Toys

Toys can be hazardous for children and for the home if they are left unclean, especially with the tireless use of children and the sharing of toys on play days. Leave it to Elegance Care to spotlessly and germless-ly clean your children’s toys. Giving you peace of mind and worry-less play days to come.