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Elegance Care's Services - Construction Cleanup

Elegance Care Construction cleaningWhether you just completed the construction phase of your new office or home, or if you just completed renovations on the space, a good cleanup of all the plaster, dust, paint streaks and cement remains is highly needed. You can easily depend on Elegance Care for the thorough cleaning of the premise, from walls to floors, and from to windows to ceilings. Leave the cleaning to us, and focus on what you should be focusing on.

Among the services offered by Elegance Care for construction cleanups:
  • Scraping remains of paint, plaster, cement, etc. off floors, corners, walls and ceilings.
  • Spotlessly cleaning all the windows of the property, including all paint splashes and residues.
  • Meticulous attention to detail, especially where it is most needed, such as electricity switches, hidden corners and hard to reach spaces.

Elegance Care Pest Elimination

Pest elimination

When you move into a new home in a newly developed area, you will definitely come across various intolerable pests including insects, rodents, bugs and infestations. Besides offering our one of a kind Construction Clean up service, Elegance Care also provides professional pest elimination services that ensure your home or working area are not only free of construction residues, but healthy and pest-free.