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About Elegance Care

Elegance Care is an integrated cleaning service provider that brings you 30 years of experience merged with the latest technologies the world has to offer. Our decades of knowhow and field experience combined with our constant innovation have led us to exceed the expectations of our 30,000 clients, and thus expand into newer fields and scopes of service.

More than 30 years ago, the Elegance name established an irrefutable reputation in the clothes cleaning services field, gaining the full trust of thousands of clients who depended solely on Elegance for the cleaning and care of their most valuable clothing items. This trust enabled and encouraged us to expand into newer fields and scopes of services to reach not only garment cleaning but also residences, furniture and much more. Today, Elegance Care proudly stands as the mother company of Elegance dry cleaning across the city and provides the ultimate integrated cleaning solutions that suit the modern families of Egypt.

At Elegance Care, we provide you with top-notch cleaning services of clothes, furniture, curtains, carpets and residential and commercial spaces. Our services vary greatly and are customized to suit our clients' needs.
As a forward-thinking company with real vision, Elegance Care has always put technology at the heart of operations. Today we use it to deliver a smooth, integrated and responsive service to every one of our clients, which is why we are one of the most trusted names in our industry.

Our core values:
Honesty – Professionalism – Quality
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